Pottiagogo - Folding Travel Potty
User Centred Research; Exiting Product Audit; Concept Design; Concept Models; Ergonomic Assessment: Test Rig Prototypes;

SolidWorks CAD full assembly model for test rig modelling, mechanism proving, material selection, finish and visual aesthetic. Digital data set for development to pre-production prototype.

Design development for start-up company Pottiagogo to develop the concept around a 'one-handed' travel potty, allowing a simple and minimal set-up for those moments when kids just need to go! Usually for when kids are potty training, the design was focused around a potty seat with folding legs in the form of a rhombus, with an integral lock specifically designed to prevent collapse when open.
The design is shown with a collapsible bowl, but has been developed for use with a bowl or with disposable bags. The seat lifts allowing the bag to be trapped securely between the seat and frame preventing any mis-haps. The legs/frame are injection moulded polymer with stainless steel hinge pins, the top being fabricated from a bacterial resistant vac-formed polymer.
The design evolved through a series of concept visuals, card sketch models and functional test rig models that assessed for scale, form, ergonomics, anthropometrics and key usability functions. The test rig was fabricated from a combination of foam, wood and 3D printed components.