Handheld Wax Heater and Dock Designs
User Centred Research; Concept Design; Concept Models; Ergonomic Assessment: Electronics Integration; Test Rig Prototypes; Pre-Production Prototypes; Design For Manufacture;

SolidWorks CAD full assembly model production engineered for mass production

Full CAD assembly for mass production of an 80gram hand held wax roller applicator with options for docking two or three units. Clear side indicator gives LED information regarding wax temperature and shows how much wax is left in the bottle with a quick visual inspection. Initial prototype assembly model shown above.
The design is constructed of a two part polycarbonate body with integral snaps and a single screw fixing to reduce time and ease assembly. The internal components are trapped between the two bodies, including the PCB also to reduce assembly time. The top cover is a clear polycarbonate and uses deformation snaps to attach to the main body assembly.

Two docking units were also part of the brief, created so the client can sell as a set and allowing two or three applicators to be heated simultaneously. The double unit heats two applicators and has provision for holding a pack of wax strips.