800g Digital Wax Heater, Branded Cirépil® by Perron Rigot via DEO Beauty Products.
User Centred Research; Concept Design; Concept Models; Ergonomic Assessment: Electronics Integration; Test Rig Prototypes; Pre-Production Prototypes; Design For Manufacture;

SolidWorks CAD full assembly model production engineered for injection
moulded polymer

My brief for this 800g Wax Heater designed for French brand Cirépil ® by Perron Rigot was to create a unique form that set the heater aesthetically apart from the many existing ‘copycat’ heaters that were available at the time.
Utilising DEO’s patented digital technology and with an again unique folding carry handle, that when closed ‘disappeared’ into the body, the heater made a significant impact to Perron Rigots’ product offer.

With its’ ‘hour glass figure’ and clean lines that never seem to settle as they vary depending on viewing angle, the design is almost classic, possibly timeless even. A testament that it is still manufactured and sold today after 7 years since first production.