Patio Heater and BBQ.
Existing Market Assessment; Design Breifing; Planing and Strategy; Funding Application; User Centred Research; Concept Design; Concept Models; Ergonomic Assessment: Electronics Integration; Test Rig Prototypes; Pre-Production Prototypes; Design For Manufacture.

SolidWorks CAD full assembly model production engineered, development of prototype via Ogle Models and testing using Ceram, the British Ceramic Research Association.

Design and development of a patio heater and barbque for start-up Inflame, based on ethically resourced formed airated concrete with recycled peat ash additive. A patented solution that enabled a cool to touch outer concrete surface.
The design was realised through a series of CAD assemblies, a scaled down prototype (FDM 3D print) and a full size CNC cut master and fibre glass former (created by Ogle Models) for casting concrete samples for test. A unique mix of airated concrete and peat ash (a by-product of the coal industry that normally goes to landfill) was create by Ceram, who formed and tested samples to test and evaluate.