Musette Re-Design
Collaboration between Circle of Two (Guy Holbrow) and HPDD to develop a novel look at the Musette.
Published in Rouler Magazine Issue 57 2015
Article: Brand New Bag - Redesigning the Musette
By Ian Cleverly, Andy McGrath. Photos By James Startt
Cannondale Garmin (as of 2015)
Professional Cyclist: Alan Marangoni
Soigneur: Alyssa Morahan

Images of Alan Marangoni and Alssa Morahan © Rouleur 2015
One of the most dangerous events of a professional cycle race is when riders receive their musette via the feed station on route. All riders collect the bag of food from soigneurs at a predetermined point, at the same time and whilst on the move thus this creates a high risk of crash occurring. Furthermore, the riders then remove the food from the bags (placing in jersey pockets) and then throw the musette away to the side of the road, where spectators collect as souvenirs. Many crashes also occur at this point due to bags with straps not being thrown clear and entangling in the wheels/handlebars of the bikes.
Our solution was to create a safer design, circular in form and with an integrated frisbee! The cut in the bag enabled a collection 'grab point' for the rider, with the strap held down with hook and loop tape. Once finished with the strap is tucked within the pocket and the bag is thrown as normal. The circular shape and weighted frisbee ring allowing the bag to fly more efficiently through the air once thrown with a greater change of clearing the rest of the peloton.  
Trials were conducted to assess the user issues identified and the improvements we had made with professional Cannondale Garmin rider Alan Marangoni and his soigneur Alyssa Morahan. The results and assessment and overall issue was then part of a 15 page article in Rouler Magazine (Issue 57, October 2015) 'Brand New Bag'.