Design and development of an ethically focused patio heater and barbeque for Inflame Ltd.

Inflame Ltd, a start-up company were looking to design and develop a new type of patio heating device intended to target the market that would normally purchase gas based patio heaters. The product would burn ethically sourced materials.



Inflame2 CAD

CAD Render of the Inflame



Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) Prototype at 1/5 Scale built on a Stratysys ProdigyPlus.




Inflame Ltd commissioned Ogle Models of Letchworth to produce a resin master part, CNC cut direct from the CAD and used to create a fibreglass mould. Stevenage Sheet Metal fabricated the sheet and wire steelwork that was laser cut and formed into the shape. The fibreglass mould was then used to form the outer shape in eco-airated concrete, as shown in the images below.


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